Rami KITZONI'S Story


Our story begins in 1978 when Rami, the head of the Kitzony family, decided to leave "Solel Boneh", where he worked for many years, and set up a workshop for hydraulic equipment.
Rami was and still is a professional figure in his that field, knowing all secrets of the pumps and the hydraulic machines, and with his experience and curiosity he is able to resolve any malfunction and win to meet every challenge.
Hydraulic oil issues? Oil just runs in his veins. His children, Eran, the eldest son, who was then in his senior year in high school and Tal, the youngest son, who was 15 years old, were immediately infected with the bug and joined with enthusiasm and curiosity for the young family business.
Not many days later, both graduated from mechanical engineering and joined their father Rami in the workshop. Since then, a lot of hydraulic oil has flown through the equipment and pumps that the company handled.
Rami Kitzony - KTE Ltd. - the company operates currently in the field of hydraulic systems and equipment, and is managed by Eran and Tal (registered engineer).
The company is engaged in trading and providing services, repairs and renovation of concrete and motorized concrete pumps, sand pumps, clay and concrete spraying machines, mobile and stationary crushers, sifting and recycling of waste.
The company has extensive experience in repair and renovation of hydraulic equipment and is specializes in designing, manufacturing and upgrading various hydraulic systems for the integrated equipment in the industrial, agriculture and heavy mechanical equipment for quarries mining and earthworks.
The work is carried out in the workshop and undergoes strict quality control, and each customer receives a quality product and uncompromising professional service, which is the a standard, a flag and the main value in the company. The company's professional staff have an in-depth and proficient understanding, as well as an up-to-date expertise and know-how that enables a skilled, comprehensive and quick response to the customer's needs and every requirement.
The company is located on Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha, near Highway 6, which provides an easy access from all over the country.
The company has a large workshop for the repair and service of pumps and hydraulic motors, and has the largest testing facility in Israel for the performance, inspection and test run of hydraulic pumps and engines, all under strict quality control.