Technical Service


Repairs, renovation and customer service - Rami Kitzoni- KTE Ltd. Is specializes in the repair and renovation of hydraulic equipment and machinery, and has decades of experience, knowledge, expertise in the field of hydraulic pumps, complex hydraulic machines, integrated command and control, and hydraulic systems.
Rami Kitzoni- KTE Ltd. is the exclusive company in Israel, which represents and is authorized to import, trade, repair and repair services for the following companies:


"Gipo", Switzerland - a manufacturer of advanced quality shredders. 



 "Linde Hydraulic", Germany - one of the world's largest manufacturers of high quality hydraulic pumps engines, and general hydraulic equipment.


"Roquet" - Spain, general hydraulic equipment, pumps, motors, valves and more. 

 The company has the ability to quickly supply a variety of spare parts, raw materials and hydraulic equipment available for repair and purchase, according to customer requirements.
Among the company's clients are the Ministry of Defense, the Mekorot Company, the Israel Electric Corporation, the Dead Sea plants, plastic plants, concrete pumping companies, infrastructure and construction companies, Haifa Port, etc.


In addition, the Company provides repair services to the following companies:

"Scania Industrial & Marine Engines", Sweden - diesel engines manufacturer and the most economical industrial and marine power generators of their kind.



"Enerpac" - High pressure hydraulic equipment 700 industrial Bar, service for industry and construction of bridges and buildings.